Switch Yard RV200


Designed for switch yard rail applications, the Remote Rail Driver Assistant System (RRDAS) is derived from RailVision’s RODS main line solution and provides day/night, all weather, medium range (0-200 meters) remote control driver assistance using advanced visualization, automated obstacle detection and specific scene analysis functions designed for switch yard requirements.

It is a stand-alone system that offers a wide view of the Shunting Yard, equipped with forward-looking imaging sensors and a down-looking imaging sensor for wagon coupling and works applications.

The down-looking imaging sensor acts as a human eye and monitors the dead zone when getting closer to another train or wagon.

Alerts are sent to the operator when there is an approaching train in the yard or when a person crosses the tracks, thereby reducing the driver response time for slowing down or stopping the train. This also prevents damage, lowers maintenance costs and improves the safety and comfort level of drivers.

The product encompasses: (i) Electro-optical visible and infrared imaging sensors, (ii) down-looking imaging sensor and electro-magnetic analysis and (iii) 3D image analysis with stereo, structured light and laser.



  • Allowing full remote-control operation (beyond visual range)
  • Eliminating the dead zone
  • Preventing crashes and damages
  • Improving operational team allocation

Watch our solution in action at the Swiss operator SBB:

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