Main Line RV2000


Designed for main line open field rail applications (up to 2000meter at 200KM per Hour), the Rail Obstacle Detection System (RODS), is a solution that generates critical real-time alerts for train operators.

It is a stand-alone system that aims to solve more than 80% of weather-related difficulties by extending the visualization range of drivers by more than 4 times, thus preventing costly and dangerous safety events.

The RODS solution offers the operator’s command and control center a complete visual from a stand-alone, aerodynamic, roof mounted imaging suite.

This enables the center to receive real-time critical alerts and driver-assisted information, reducing the costs associated with damages and the loss of life.


  • High-end electro-optical imaging sensors (visible and thermal), with fusion capabilities
  • Real-time GIS augmentation
  • GPS, temperature and humidity sensors, plus accelerometers
  • Real-time monitoring and back office data analysis


Image and video abstraction, annotation, and retrieval • Long range, wide view • Predictive maintenance • Track measurements • Smart storage (big data) • Large volume image data processing and management (deep learning)

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