High speed RV4000


Designed especially for high speed trains that require increased stopping time, the solution provides extended detection ranges of obstacles and critical real-time alerts for train operators.

The solution is an extension of the main line RODS product, whereby extended detection ranges in diverse environmental conditions are provided via highly improved and stabilized imaging sensor technology with increased sensitivity and resolution.

At such increased ranges, real time GIS augmentation information is provided in overcoming line of sight limitations due to geographical and urban topology.

The ability to automatically deliver optimized driver visualization for rapid decision making and responsiveness at such ranges, is key to all high speed train operation requirements. The high speed solution is envisioned as the ultimate RODS product for all rail applications, with an eye towards future autonomous train platforms.


  • Extremely sensitive and stabilized electro-optical imaging sensors (visible and thermal), with fusion capabilities
  • Real time GIS augmentation
  • GPS, temperature and humidity sensors, plus accelerometers
  • Real-time monitoring and back office data analysis

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