Demo Day SBB / RV

Come and join us at our demo!

We would like to invite you to the Demo Day of our long-term pilot with SBB Cargo in cooperation with Schweizer Electronic.

The demonstration will include the detection of:

  • Dynamic obstacles within the railway gauge (Human, Vehicles, Wagons)
  • Dynamic obstacles next to the railway gauge (Human)
  • Braking shoes
  • End of railway (EOR)
  • Track-line (switch state position)

Further we will demonstrate the live detections transmitted to a remote-control unit and an autonomous emergency braking to avoid a collision.

Event information:

When: Wednesday, 6th February 2019, from 14:00

Where: SBB Switch Yard station, 50m west from

Güterschuppen, 9200 Gossau, Switzerland

Please fill out the form to download the file

Please fill out the form to download the file

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