Rail Vision is a vibrating and fast-growing multidisciplinary startup headquartered in Ra’anana. We utilize the latest Artificial Intelligence and Electro Optics technologies and develop lifesaving, Deep Learning based vision systems for the global railway market.

An opportunity to be a part of a very talented team and work with the most advanced technology today.


Senior Java Backend developer


Are you Passionate about building things from scratch? Love the challenge of taking an idea and turning it into new technology? Wish to take part in building a revolutionary lifesaving product? 

RailVision is expanding its software activities to include Backend solutions, and we’re looking for our first Backend systems developer! In this role you will have the opportunity to design the architecture of infrastructures and develop our systems from scratch, including the following:

  • Central control system, that communicates with our edge systems
  • Data management system (DMS) for algorithms development and QA
  • CI/CD processes for SW and algorithms


  • At least 5 years of experience in Java
  • Good understanding of frameworks: Spring, Hibernate etc.
  • Experience with CI/CD pipeline & build tools (Maven/Gradle, Jenkins/TeamCity, Git)
  • Familiarity with RESTful Web Services
  • Experience with Relational Databases
  • Experience in distributed systems architecture


  • Client experience – Angular/React, Html, CSS
  • NoSQL/Big Data experience
  • Familiarity with IoT platforms
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant technical discipline
  • Independent, self-motivated and fast learner
  • Excellent teamwork and human relations

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Algorithms Engineer (Deep Learning)


We’re looking for a brilliant Machine Learning / Deep Learning engineer to join our algorithms engineering group that develops the foundations of our core technology.

In this position you will be responsible for the entire algorithmic life-cycle: from the problem statement, through the research steps, Machine learning / Deep Learning algorithm design, implementation, and optimization for real time.



  • B.Sc in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or a related field
  • At least 2 years of experience with Deep Learning or Machine Learning
  • Good knowledge of Python and C/C++.
  • Experience with Deep Learning libraries such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Caffe
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

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QA Automation


Are you Passionate about building things from scratch? Love the challenge of taking an idea and turning it into new technology?  

If you are an ambitious, highly motivated and hands-on person, this is your opportunity to build a discipline from scratch, take part in building a revolutionary lifesaving product and work with the most advanced and complex top of technology devices.


Job description

We are looking for our first QA Automation. In this role you will be responsible for analyzing system requirements and manage the team activities accordingly. You will work closely with our R&D teams, plan and execute manual and automated tests of our systems, analyze test results, construct performance reports, find bugs and follow up until resolution.



  • Graduate of a degree in a technical field or equivalent experience
  • 5 years of experience in manual and automation testing
  • Experience in complex multidisciplinary systems
  • Experienced in writing test documentation (STP, STD, STR)
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • Independent, pro-active, resourceful and fast learner
  • People’s person with good communication skills to mentor and motivate.


  • Good knowledge of Linux environment
  • Experience with Vision systems
  • Familiarity with high performance systems

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Physicist / Electrooptics Engineer


We’re looking for a talented Physicist / Electrooptics Engineer to join our Operations Research team.

In this role, you will specify requirements, define performance criteria and plan field tests for advanced visible and thermal infrared imaging systems.  

Moreover, you will develop performance analysis and operations research methodologies for the testing and qualification of our systems, based on advanced modeling and simulation tools of scenarios, environmentals and dynamics.


  • MSc. or Phd in Electro-Optics/Physics
  • At least 3 years of experience in relevant development and evaluation processes
  • Experience in system simulation development
  • Experience in image analysis, processing and quality criteria
  • Expertise in imaging simulation and evaluation tools
  • Extensive knowhow in Matlab, Simulink and other platforms
  • Team player with the ability to work in a dynamic environment


  • Knowledge in photometric and radiometric imaging processes
  • Familiarity with the statistics of systems operations research
  • Knowledge in camera design principles

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C++ Software Engineer


We’re looking for a talented SW engineer to join our SW team that develops the infrastructures and application that controls our imaging device and algorithms.

This is a unique opportunity to join a team in relatively early stages of development, where every thought and new idea really matters.



  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant technical discipline
  • At least 3 years’ experience with OOP in modern C++ (11/14/17)
  • Experience working in Linux environment
  • Experience with multithreaded programming
  • Experience working in multidisciplinary environments
  • Excellent teamwork and human relations
  • Independent, self-motivated and fast learner


  • Experience working on embedded platforms
  • Experience integrating with CI/CD processes
  • Scripting languages: Bash, Python
  • Knowledge of Gstreamer / Glib frameworks
  • Familiarity with CUDA / NVIDIA platforms
  • Experience working with containers technologies such as Docker
  • Background in image processing
  • Integration with HW / FPGA modules


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Quality Assurance Manager


We’re looking for an experienced, self-starter with a can-do attitude Quality Assurance Manager to join our CTO team!

In this role you will be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the company’s quality management systems and procedures.

You will lead the development and implementation of continuous improvement activities throughout the organization, ensuring that the company’s development processes and products comply with relevant international standards and requirements.

Furthermore, you will play a key role in interfacing and collaborating with multiple globally distributed functions: international inspection, testing and certification bodies, regulatory functions, customers, manufacturers and assembly houses.



  • At least 10 years of experience in quality and regulatory compliance functions
  • B.Sc. in a relevant technical discipline or equivalent experience
  • Experience in complex multidisciplinary systems (Hardware + Software)
  • Experience in developing QA strategy and processes
  • Experience in product development life-cycle management
  • Experience in writing test audits & documentation
  • Knowledge in product manufacturing QA processes and documents (Qual, ATP, etc.)
  • Deep proven knowledge with international technical standards such as MIL-STD and EN
  • Strong leadership skills with a proactive approach in a fast-paced and dynamic environment
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Excellent technical and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent English reading, writing and oral communication skills


  • Experience working in the defense/ aerospace/ automotive/ or railway industry
  • Experience working in a startup environment
  • A formal degree or training in quality assurance
  • Fluency in the German language
  • Familiarity with MIL or EN standards

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System administrator


We are looking for an experienced and highly-skilled System Administrator to join our IT team. In this position, you will work in a high-end technological environment and take part in advanced projects.




  • 3-5 Years’ experience as a system administrator
  • Experience with Linux: maintain servers, services, drivers, updates etc.
  • Experience with Security practices such as firewalls, Antispam, Antivirus
  • Experience with computer Hardware such as GPUs, Servers and computers
  • Strong Windows environment practices: Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, VPN, and Group Policies
  • Office 365 Management
  • Experience working with End-users and supporting and troubleshooting Windows/Linux.
  • Familiarity with VMware infrastructure
  • Good Knowledge in Networking and Switches
  • Good verbal and written English
  • Self-Learning ability
  • High service awareness and great people skills.




  • Experience with Network environments administration: routers, switches, VPN, APs, DHCP/DNS
  • Experience with storage
  • Scripting language PowerShell, Python


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