Revolutionizing the Rail Industry

with Obstacle Detection Solutions, Advanced Imaging and Deep Learning Technologies

  • Long range visualization
    and detection capabilities

  • Minimizing
    railway down time

  • Improving
    operational efficiency

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Who We Are

RailVision leads the worldwide railway market with advanced obstacle detection and collision avoidance solutions and operates in the Israeli start-up ecosystem.
The company’s breakthrough technology is revolutionizing the rail industry by combining advanced imaging with deep learning scene analysis, obstacle detection, infrastructure condition monitoring and real-time data management.

What We Deliver

Safety – Long range, accurate and robust obstacle detection, classification and alerts
Security (HLS) – Real-time, day/night, wide coverage visualization of variety of security threats
Condition monitoring – Measuring and analyzing infrastructure changes and predicting major defects
Big Data – Recording and analyzing vast railway data and compiling behavioral and environmental trends

Unique Advantages

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    Real-time Information24/7 data collection

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    Condition MonitoringMinimizing down time

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    Security and SafetyLife saving while reducing risk of railway accidents and damages

Our Products

Technology and solutions for long range, day/night, all weather rail visualization and obstacle detection, incorporating state-of-the-art multi-spectral (visible and infrared) imaging, image fusion and dynamic scene analysis using real time deep-learning. The solution also provides condition monitoring for predictive maintenance of railway infrastructure and offline big data analysis with rapid response.

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    First Generation Products

    Main Line: Designed for open field rail applications, the Rail Obstacle Detection System (RODS) provides day/night, all weather, long-range visualization, automated obstacle detection and diverse scene analysis capabilities.

    Switch Yard: Designed for switch yard applications, the Remote Rail Driver Assistant System (RRDAS) provides day/night, all weather, medium range, remote control driver assistance using advanced visualization, automated obstacle detection and specific scene analysis functions designed for switch yard requirements.

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    Next Generation Solutions

    As innovators, we are envisioning and aiming for the future of rail transportation, namely autonomous trains.

    The first generation main line and switch yard systems are designed as building blocks and as underlying technologies for future autonomous train operations, replacing the need for driver-oriented visualization.

The Process

  • Through our high-end sensors, we acquire the scene and categorize it according to relevancy
  • The system detects the track in order to monitor its vicinity for safety and information aspects
  • When an object is detected and classified, the system provides an alarm that is distributed to the operator and to the command & control center
  • The rest of the scene is classified for additional data and maintenance
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    Increased Decision
    Making Certainty

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    Improved Condition
    Based Maintenance

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    Customized Big
    Data Analysis

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